A conservatory or an orangery adds extra living space to your home. They both bridge the gap between the interior and the external area. But how do they differ?

gable conservatories

Features of Conservatories

The distinguishing features of a conservatory traditionally are:

  • They have a fully glazed roof, or at least 75% of the roof is glazed
  • Conservatories consist of up to 80% glazing
  • This high proportion of glazed surfacing is designed to let in the maximum levels of natural light
  • A conservatory generally keeps brickwork to a minimum

Often positioned to the rear of your home, people choose them to enable the best view of the back garden. They can be used as places to sit and admire the view, or for dining and entertaining. They are the most popular choice of home extension in the United Kingdom because they are an economical solution and they generally don’t require planning permission. Conservatories come in many designs including Edwardian, Victorian and lean-to conservatories. Although traditional in design they incorporate the latest glazing technology for energy efficiency.


Features of Orangeries

The distinguishing features of an orangery usually are:

  • They are made from more bricks or solid structure than conservatories
  • They appear to be more like halfway between a conservatory and a small single-storey extension and have more similarities with a traditional home extension
  • A traditional orangery roof is a lantern style rather than a fully glazed rooftop
  • Glazing typically covers under 75% of the overall roof area
  • Glazing covers under 50% of the total wall area

Historically, an orangery was constructed by the wealthy elite of the 17th to 19th Century. Originating from Europe, they were used to grow and shelter exotic citrus fruits from the cold British winters. Nowadays, an orangery offers more privacy, making it a perfect extension of the kitchen and dining area. They also offer additional benefits of being closely matched to both the property exterior and can be styled to compliment your interior aesthetics.

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