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Do You Need A Car Port This Winter?

From those who clean their cars at the crack of dawn every Saturday to those who just see their car…

21 Jan 2022
Energy Saving Windows in Cannock

A-Rated Windows, Just For You

This December we have seen an increased number of storms battering our homes. From storm Arwen to storm Barra, we…

30 Dec 2021
external doors

Why Composite Doors Are A Thing Of The Future

If you haven't already seen or heard about composite doors, where have you been hiding? Over the past 15 years,…

14 Oct 2021
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Reducing Your Winter Bills In 2021

Year on year we notice that our winter bills are creeping higher and higher. In 2021, we are about to…

30 Sep 2021

Autumnal Conservatories

Here at C&W Direct, we mention using your conservatory all year round quite often. So what does that mean this…

20 Sep 2021
windows in cannock

Finding Your Ideal A-Rated Windows

A-Rated windows is a phrase that's thrown around often. With it being seen in so many places we accept it…

30 Aug 2021
edwardian conservatory

Let’s Talk Extensions

When we look at the term extension, many people consider this to be a large scale brick extension on your…

20 Aug 2021
flush casement windows

Redesign Your Whole Exterior

The exterior of your home is the first thing that your visitors will look at. So if your house is…

10 Aug 2021
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uPVC Or Composite Doors

In recent years there has been a debate over whether to invest in composite doors or uPVC doors when it…

30 Jul 2021
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Types Of Windows From C&W Direct

We often find that many of our customers are looking to replace their windows like for like. So very little…

20 Jul 2021

Keeping Your Home Cool This Summer

Here in the UK, our summers are getting hotter and hotter. While for some this is a great thing, and…

10 Jul 2021
Can Conservatories Be Used In Winter?

Conservatory Installation With C&W Direct

Conservatories can be a big investment to make to your home. This means that you want to ensure you are…

30 Jun 2021
external doors

Styling Your Own Door

You may have seen an abundance of composite doors appearing in the streets around your home. They are increasing in…

20 Jun 2021
conservatories in Stafford

Opening Your Home Into Your Garden

Summer is the time we are most likely to be wandering between the inside of our home and garden. The…

10 Jun 2021
Windows in Cannock

Replacing Your Windows This Summer

We might be approaching summer (although some very wet weeks of late would say otherwise), but now is the right…

30 May 2021
Can Conservatories Be Used In Winter?

Keeping Your Conservatory Cool This Summer

The age-old problem with conservatories is that they are too cold in the winter and too hot in the summer.…

20 May 2021
Orangeries in Cannock

Traditional Orangeries For Your Home

Orangeries are a great addition to any home, whether you have a large house already, or are adding the orangery…

10 May 2021
Conservatories in Stafford

What to Put in Small Conservatories?

By adding a conservatory to your home, you’re extending it to include another room. However, some people often struggle to…

23 Apr 2021
Canopies in Stafford

Prepare For Reopening With Canopies From C&W Direct

Here at C&W Direct, we offer much more than the name alone suggests. In addition to our conservatories, we are…

19 Apr 2021
Windows in Cannock

Celebrate Spring With New Windows From C&W Direct

With the weather beginning to warm and the days becoming brighter, many of us are looking forward to Spring with…

19 Mar 2021
Conservatories in Lichfield, Cannock and Stafford

Conservatories vs Extensions: Which Should I Choose?

A commonly asked question is what the difference is between a conservatory and an extension. It makes sense that people…

12 Mar 2021
Upgrade A rated windows

Edwardian Style vs Victorian Style Conservatories 

At Conservatories and Windows Direct, we offer a range of conservatory and orangery styles, and if you’re just starting to…

05 Mar 2021

A Guide to Window Styles from C&W Direct 

If you’re thinking of replacing your windows, you might be struggling to decide on the perfect style for your home!…

25 Feb 2021

What’s the Difference between a Conservatory and an Orangery? 

If you’re considering adding an extension to your home, you might be wondering what the difference is between a conservatory…

18 Feb 2021
The worth of Conservatories in Stafford

Are Conservatories Worth It?

We often see potential customers making a decision on whether conservatories are worth it before making a commitment. This is…

12 Feb 2021
Conservatories in Stafford

Five Unique Uses For Conservatories

Here at C&W Direct, we’ve supplied conservatories in Stafford, Lichfield and Cannock, just to name a few popular locations. Whilst…

08 Feb 2021
Can Conservatories Be Used In Winter?

Can Conservatories Be Used In Winter?

With recent weather proving to be quite the winter wonderland, 2021 has gotten off to a frosty start. Often, conservatories…

05 Feb 2021

French Doors vs Patio Doors

French doors and patio doors are extremely similar. They are both wide, long doors constructed with large panes of glass-…

03 Feb 2021
Upgrade A rated windows

Free A+ Rated Window Upgrades and Discounts for NHS Workers

Here at C & W Direct, we would like to say a huge thank you to our NHS workers across…

01 Feb 2021

Which is the Best Choice, Composite or UPVC Doors? 

If you’re thinking of replacing your external doors, you’re probably wondering whether you should choose UPVC  or Composite doors!  UPVC…

23 Dec 2020