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3 Reasons To Get a New Conservatory in 2022

26 Apr 2022

Summer is the perfect time of the year to enjoy a conservatory. Not only do you get the brilliance of a summer day but you also get the chance to enjoy a wonderful summer’s night. What’s more, 2022 – of all years – is the perfect year to have a conservatory installed. 

Not only does it look like summer 2022 will be a scorcher, but it looks – finally – that the worst of Covid is behind. This means that summer 2022, as well as being hot, will be the first summer in literal years to approach something remotely normal. That means garden parties! Nights spent under the stars! Bonfires! 

In this article, we’re going to go through some of the scenarios that would only be improved by having a conservatory installed in your garden. 

Early June Garden Party/Barbeque

As we just wrote, 2022 will be the first summer in literal years to approach something remotely normal. This means that for the first time in a long time you will be able to have people over without any precautions, as long as you feel safe to do so. 

A conservatory is a great addition to any garden party. It’s a place where you can lay food for a buffet without having to worry about insects, dogs, or idle hands looking to get a slice of pie before it’s ready. 

But what if you’re not the garden party type of person? What if you like to have a barbeque? We don’t blame you: barbeques are fantastic – particularly with family and friends. But there’s always a level of trying your luck with barbequing, isn’t there? 

The British summer time, being what it is, means that whenever you start a barbeque you’re always trying your luck. One minute it could be the most glorious summer you’ve ever seen. The next minute it could be raining cats and dogs. 

But there is no problem when you have a conservatory. Your conservatory will be a great place to eat with your friends and family. Meanwhile, any grilling can be done outside – where it should be. 

Mid August Under The Stars 

Imagine this:  it’s late August at the end of a long, long summer. The nights are starting to look a little shorter. Day by day, you feel yourself putting the lights on a little earlier. Soon you’ll start feeling the need to put the heating on; but that’s still a way away yet.  

For now, you still have the last few weeks of warm summer left, and it’s a beautiful night. The sky is clear and deep – the way that it rarely is. The last few precious drops of the golden hour are falling beneath the horizon. And as the sky darkens, you think you can see Venus, just above the crescent moon. 

It’s nights like that – nights where panes of glass and a single blanket is enough to keep you warm – that a conservatory really shines. Just as the conservatory is a place where you can be with friends and family, it’s a place where you can step away from the world and take some time to just concentrate on the here and now – where you can watch the sky as the sun sets.

Who wouldn’t want that kind of energy in their lives?

Late September Bonfires 

September now, and it’s the very edge of the summer wave. The leaves have started to fall from the trees. You find yourself missing the brilliant warmth of the summer sun more and more every day. It’s the perfect time for a bonfire, and your conservatory is the perfect place to watch it from.

The conservatory offers you a great vantage point of such an event. From your conservatory, you’ll be able to keep watch of the fire and enjoy the heat while also having a barrier between yourself and the flames. Whether you’re gazing lazily from your settee or simply enjoying the ambiance of the bonfire while having tea, a conservatory is the ideal place to enjoy it. 

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