male worker installing a double-glazed window

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Double Glazing Company

Double glazing is a smart and beneficial home investment, which we explained in our previous article. However, it is also…

07 May 2024
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Why Double Glazing is a Smart Investment for Homeowners

When thinking about ways to upgrade your home, few investments offer the same long-term benefits and returns as double glazing.…

30 Apr 2024
Replacing Double Glazed Windows

Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Double Glazed Windows

Replacing your double-glazed windows is something you may not think about doing for a very long time. While double glazing…

12 Dec 2023
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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Windows for Your Home

Windows play a crucial role in the overall aesthetics, energy-efficiency and functionality of the home. Whether you’re currently building your…

07 Nov 2023
An example of how double glazed windows work

2 Ways Our Double Glazing Can Reduce Heat Loss In Your Home

According to sources, 18% of heat is lost through windows and doors in British homes and heat is lost twice…

14 Jul 2023
Energy Efficiency Ratings Explained

A Guide To Energy-Efficient Window Ratings

If you have read our previous articles, you may have noticed that we have mentioned energy-efficient window ratings before. However,…

12 Jun 2023
Close up of double glazing windows

The Benefits of Upgrading to Double Glazed Windows

With the rising cost of living in the UK, many people will look at other ways to help cut back…

17 Jan 2023
sliding sash windows

Which Windows Are Right For My Home?

Windows are an extremely important part of your home’s facade. Not only do they have to look right, but your…

03 Nov 2022
Energy Saving Windows in Cannock

Save Money on Your Energy Bills with our Windows in Cannock

October is officially here and it looks like the weather can’t tell whether it wants to transition gracefully into Autumn…

05 Oct 2022
A rated windows in Stafford

Modernise your Home with A Rated Windows in Stafford

Is energy efficiency on your mind?  Do you have old, single-glazed windows in your home?  Are you looking for an…

01 Jul 2022
Close up of double glazing windows

Why Is Double Glazing So Effective?

One of the best ways to insulate your home during the winter is to install double glazing. Double glazing, quite…

15 Mar 2022
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Reducing Your Winter Bills In 2021

Year on year we notice that our winter bills are creeping higher and higher. In 2021, we are about to…

30 Sep 2021
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Finding Your Ideal A-Rated Windows

A-Rated windows is a phrase that's thrown around often. With it being seen in so many places we accept it…

30 Aug 2021
windows in cannock

Types Of Windows From C&W Direct

We often find that many of our customers are looking to replace their windows like for like. So very little…

20 Jul 2021
Woman leaning out of window talking to a woman

Replacing Your Windows This Summer

We might be approaching summer (although some very wet weeks of late would say otherwise), but now is the right…

30 May 2021
Woman leaning and talking out of window

Celebrate Spring With New Windows From C&W Direct

With the weather beginning to warm and the days becoming brighter, many of us are looking forward to Spring with…

19 Mar 2021
flush casement windows - double glazing windows

The Advantages of Double Glazing Windows in Winter

If you are hoping to reduce energy costs during colder months of the year, investing in double glazing windows should…

28 Oct 2020
Conservatories in Stafford

Make the most out of your extra space

Whether you have a stylish Victorian conservatory, a simple lean to or an eye-catching Loggia orangery, your extra space might…

25 Sep 2020
a-rated windows - c&w direct

What are A-Rated Windows?

While lower grade windows could be tempting, this could lead to more costs further down the line - including replacing…

12 Feb 2020
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The Benefits of Choosing Casement Windows in Cannock

Casement windows in Cannock from Conservatories and Windows Direct are versatile and give your home a timeless look. Our range…

10 Apr 2019
a rated windows in stafford

A Rated Windows in Stafford as September has just Started

Summer is ending and as we’re now at the start of September it’s time to start winter-proofing your home. When…

10 Sep 2018
A Rated windows in stafford

Keep Cool in Summer with A-Rated Windows in Stafford

Is your home feeling stuffy and humid in the July heat? Love it or hate it the warm weather seems…

16 Jul 2018
a rated windows in stafford

A Rated Windows in Stafford: Saving on Your Bills

With our A rated windows in Stafford, you can save up to 25% off your heating bill! Old and dated…

20 Jun 2018
Windows in Stafford A Rated

Optitherm A-Rated Windows in Stafford

Choosing your new windows in Stafford is a big decision, which is why here at C&W Direct, we provide an…

30 May 2018
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Cost Effective and Energy Efficient Windows in Cannock

Finding replacement windows in Cannock can be stressful task, especially if the project has come along unexpectedly. The good news…

19 Feb 2018
windows in cannock

Stylish & Practical Windows in Cannock

Window shopping can be a stressful task we know, especially when you have to take into consideration factors such as…

28 Aug 2017
windows in cannock

Transform Your Home with Residence 9 Windows in Cannock

If you live in a historic property, searching for new windows in Cannock can be a difficult task. Whilst most homeowners…

12 May 2017
windows in cannock

High Quality Windows in Cannock to Suit Every Home

Here at C&W Direct, we understand that every home is different which is why we offer a range of design…

18 Apr 2017
a rated windows in stafford

New Showroom for A Rated Windows in Stafford

If you’re looking for A rated windows in Stafford, look no further than C&W Direct, the area’s leading suppliers and…

15 Feb 2017
a rated windows in stafford

Start the New Year Right with A Rated Windows in Stafford

Did you know that 25 per cent of your heating bill could be escaping through your windows? It’s a ghastly…

10 Jan 2017