French doors which open out on a patio

5 Reasons Why You Need French Doors

14 Mar 2022

Originating in 17th century France, the French Door quickly found favour in the imaginations of French artisans and architects because they introduced a sense of regularity in French stately homes, and during the summer they helped to increase the temperature passively (in much the same way that a greenhouse does). 

Today, French Doors are one of the best additions you can make to your home. Not only do they look absolutely fantastic on their own – which is reason enough for anyone to consider them – but they also offer a set of unique benefits to any room in which they are installed – whether that be a living room, dining room,  or ground floor bedroom. It doesn’t matter if you live in a French Chateau or a semi-detached! 

In this article from Conservatories & Windows Direct, we’ll be going through some of our favourite reasons why you should be considering a set of French Doors for your home. 

They Open Up The Space

The first reason why you should consider a set of french doors for your home is because once installed they really help to open up the space. Unlike regular doors – which open inward  – French Doors open outwards, meaning that you don’t have to sacrifice space in front or by the side of the French Door. 

As a result of this space saving, you can make better use of the space that you have and helps to make even the smallest space feel much larger. Because of this, french doors are a fantastic addition to any space – regardless of its size. 

Brings The Outside In 

The next reason why you should consider a set of french doors in your home is because once opened they really help to bring the outside in space into your home. This is great during the summer time, when you want to be outside every hour of the day, and where having a breeze can help lower the temperature of your home. 

Warms Up The Home

When closed, the french doors’ glass windows create a solid seal. This seal helps to warm your home during the cool autumn and summer months. This makes your home more energy efficient than it would be otherwise, meaning that you can save money on your heating bills. 

Sound Proof

Thanks to their design, french doors are naturally soundproof. This means that you don’t have to worry about any nosy neighbours and can finally have some peace and quiet in your home. 


French doors are much, much more secure than traditional open and closing doors or sliding patio doors. This is because the doors on french doors are normally much thicker than it is on patio doors. Furthermore, because they swing outwards, french doors can’t be kicked in like traditional doors can – this makes them resistant to most home invasions. Furthermore, high quality locks can be installed on french doors, giving you extra security and peace of mind. 

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