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A-Rated Windows for Winter

07 Oct 2020

With winter getting closer, we are already noticing the cold nights, the increasing rainfall and even the odd glazed morning. Now is a great time to look at upgrading your old and dated windows to brand new A-Rated windows from C&W Direct.

Why are A-Rated windows better?

Windows are graded on the same energy efficiency rating that you find on electrical goods in your home, such as the washing machine or freezer. This rating runs from A to G with A being the most energy efficient for your home.
We often pay attention to the energy efficiency of things within our home, including our light bulbs, but when it comes to winter, one of the biggest causes of lost efficiency is our windows. No matter how high we have our heating on to combat the cold, if we have lower grade windows or windows that are best their best, the heat will escape, and we will be paying to heat the outside of our windows.

Optitherm Windows

When considering investing in new windows, you will want to ensure that you are having the best, and the highest quality as they will last on your home for many years to come. That’s why we offer Optitherm windows.
Optitherm windows are designed to be as clear as a regular pane of glass. They are also thermal insulated, ensuring that all indoor heat is retained, while letting in the warmth of the winter sun. Opitherm energy efficient windows reduce the energy you need to heat your home by up to 20%. These windows are also designed to help reduce the effects of condensation within our homes, so every time we cook, bathe and breathe the condensation left on our windows will be reduced by upto 80%.

Here at C&W windows our A-Rated windows are available in a range of different styles and designs, meaning that style does not have to be forgotten for functionality. Head over to our A-rated Windows page for more information. Or you can get in touch today and a member of our expert team can help to answer your enquiries.

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