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Draft Proofing with A-Rated Windows in Stafford

25 Aug 2018

Energy efficient A-rated windows in Stafford come in a range of materials, styles and shapes. A-rated windows are critiqued on how well they stop heat from passing through, how much sunlight break through the glass and finally how much air leaks in or out of the window.

Nothing makes a home more comfortable more than a draughty home. A-rated windows are one of the cheapest ways to draught proof a home whilst also being one of the most efficient ways of saving money and energy. Our windows trap your heat inside the property irrespective of the weather or season. This means that in winter when your heating is on, it stays inside the home, and in the summer when the home is cool the heat that is outside the home doesn’t enter your home.

Home Benefits of A-Rated Windows in Stafford

Energy efficient A-rated windows in Stafford have several benefits for homes and buildings which include;

  • More comfortable surroundings: A we mentioned in our opening paragraph, energy efficient windows reduce heat and energy loss through windows and doors which results in fewer draught or cold spots. This makes your home feel warmer and more comfortable.
  • Quieter Home: Not only do A-rated windows keep heat inside but they keep noise outside. Energy efficient homes insulate your home against external noise.
  • No More Condensation: You’ll notice a dramatic decrease in condensation on the inside of your glass.
  • Cost Saving: By installing A-rated double or triple glazing over a single glazed window you could save… Detached £100-£105, Semi-Detached £65-£70, Mid Terrace £50, Bungalow £50, Flat £30.

Arrange an Appointment for A-Rated Windows in Stafford

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