A rated windows in Stafford

Modernise your Home with A Rated Windows in Stafford

21 Jan 2019

Is replacing your windows on your to-do list for 2019? When replacing your outdated and or inefficient windows, surely you want the best replacements possible, given the rising prices of your gas and electricity bills. Here at C&W Direct, we provide technologically advanced A rated windows in Stafford for over 10 years.

Why A Rated Windows in Stafford are a must in 2019?

Advances in the UK double glazing windows market means more and more people are choosing to replace their thermally inefficient glazing frames, with modern energy efficient windows that reach the best energy ratings.

The British government introduced the Windows Energy Ratings or WER’s, to help consumers decide their combination of frames, glass and gaskets. Regulations were made so double glazing must be installed at a minimum of ‘C’. This legislation has swept through the industry encouraging homeowners and building regulators to scrap their outdated windows, with higher quality, better designed, cost-effective windows.

A Rated windows in Stafford improve the overall living environment of homes whilst enabling huge savings on your energy bills. Homes stay insulated for longer as well add value to the property for potential buyers.

For a window manufacturer to achieve a rating of A or more the inner and outer pane must be separate. This means the cold air on the outside cannot interfere with the warmth on the inside. The space between the glass is then filled with Argon which acts as both insulation and soundproofing.

Contact C&W Direct for A Rated Windows in Stafford

At C&W Direct we provide and install A rated windows in Stafford and Cannock. We only provide windows rated ‘A’! so rest assured with our service your home is receiving the best possible windows at a great price.

So, speak to a member of our team about our windows or come and see our builds first hand. Visit our showroom in Cannock.

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