A rated windows in Stafford

Modernise your Home with A Rated Windows in Stafford

01 Jul 2022

Is energy efficiency on your mind? 

Do you have old, single-glazed windows in your home? 

Are you looking for an affordable, working solution that will rejuvenate your home?

Then you’re in the right place! C&W Direct’s range of windows and double glazing solutions will transform your home. For over ten years, we have been providing our customers with high-quality A-grade windows, orangeries, and conservatories in Telford, Lichfield and Stafford. 

Our installations are manufactured and installed to the highest standards – ensuring that you’ll make the most of your installation and that the energy efficiency of your home will be maximised. 

Why A-Rated Windows are a must in 2022?

Advances in the UK double glazing windows market mean more and more people are choosing to replace their thermally inefficient glazing frames. At the same time, increases in living costs mean that there has never been more impetus for getting your old, single-glazed windows replaced. 

Window Energy Ratings (WERS)

The British government introduced the Windows Energy Ratings or WERs in 2004 to help consumers decide their combination of frames, glass and gaskets. Regulations were made so double glazing must be installed at a minimum of ‘C’. 

This legislation quickly swept through the industry, encouraging homeowners, landlords, and building regulators to scrap their outdated windows and replace them with higher quality, better designed, cost-effective windows.

However, if C-rated windows were merely the bare minimum for human habitation, then A-rated windows offer a tangible layer of quality. The truth is that A-rated windows improve the overall living environment of homes. 

The Benefits of A Rated Windows

Because of the way that A-rated windows are manufactured, they provide you with huge savings on your energy bills. This is primarily thanks to their high energy efficiency; because they do not allow thermal energy to escape that lower-rated windows do, it is easier and cheaper to heat your home. At the same time, homes stay insulated for longer. This lowers your heating bills whilst also adding value to the property – meaning that it will be worth more if you ever decide to sell it.

For a window manufacturer to achieve a rating of A or more, the window’s inner and outer panes of glass must be separate pieces – these kinds of windows are also known as double glazed. 

The reason why this design is so effective is due to the way that heat transfers. Heat can transfer easily through solid objects. However, it cannot transfer through air and solid objects without losing a considerable amount of energy. Because there are 2 layers of glass and 2 layers of air for any heat to transfer through, very little heat (if any) gets through. 

This effectiveness is only increased when a non-reactive gas – such as Argon – is used to fill the space between the two panes of glass. This non-reactive gas acts as both insulation and soundproofing.

Contact C&W Direct for A Rated Windows in Stafford

C&W is one of the premier double glazing companies in Lichfield. For over ten years, we have provided our customers with high-quality uPVC windows, doors, conservatories and orangeries. 

Today, we provide and install A-rated windows in Stafford and Cannock. We only provide windows rated ‘A’! That means you can rest assured that you are receiving the best home improvement service possible and at a great price. 

Contact C&W today for more information about our range of A-rated windows or any of our products and services. 


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