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A Rated Windows in Stafford as September has just Started

10 Sep 2018

Summer is ending and as we’re now at the start of September it’s time to start winter-proofing your home. When autumn gets into its full swing, the wetter, colder and windier weather will arrive with it. As the weather takes this sinister turn, you’ll notice your energy bills start to rise, and if you’re like us and hate the sight of your bills slowly increasing then you’ve come to the right place. Here at C&W Direct, we specialise in energy efficient A Rated windows in Stafford for both homes and conservatories.

What makes our A Rated Windows in Stafford so Energy Efficient?

For those who aren’t aware what A rated windows in Stafford are, we thought we’d break it down to be as simple as possible. The Energy Ratings Scheme is an approved parameter by the Government for rating windows on a scale A* to G. Under this scheme A* is rated the best window with G being the worst. Windows are graded against three values:

  • U Value – How well they keep the heat in
  • G Value – How well they protect you from the sun
  • L Value – How well they don’t let the heat out

The benefits from having A Rated windows in Stafford include reassurances that you have the best possible windows available. Improves the energy efficiencies of your home, which as a result save you money on your bills. Dramatically more efficient than standard single or double glazing. Finally, they can be fitted to any type of window frame, whether standard or bespoke.

Come and See us for A Rated Windows in Stafford

The minimum requirement for windows is rating C, however here at C&W Direct we don’t settle for minimum and all of our A rated windows in Stafford are made and fitted to the highest possible standards. If you would like more information about our windows and how they could save your as much as 80% on your bills, please do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team today.

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