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The Advantages of Double Glazing Windows in Winter

28 Oct 2020

If you are hoping to reduce energy costs during colder months of the year, investing in double glazing windows should never be overlooked.

As the leading supplier of double glazing, conservatories and bi-fold doors across Stafford, C&W Direct know all about the advantages of investing in quality glazing.

The Science Behind Double Glazing Explained

As the term suggests, double-glazed windows are comprised of two seperate panes of glass with a thin layer of air found between the surfaces. Although many consumers are not aware; air is a great insulator.

With this unique thermal configuration, double glazed windows will retain much more heat when compared to single-pane windows. In other words, your home will save a lot of money with regards to heating expenses.

Much More Than Thermal Insulation

Although double glazing is a powerful tool because of its heating benefits, there are more advantages to talk about. Quality installers such as C&W Direct, are the best choice for modern materials such as uPVC and aluminium.

The units are also extremely lightweight but are able to withstand the harshest elements and last for decades when properly maintained.

Given the versatility and countless style and design options, it has never been easier to match your windows to existing home decor. Your windows will allow ample amounts of light and thanks to the presence of air between two panes of glass, exterior noise pollution can be heavily reduced. This is an important factor for homes located along motorways or in busy urban districts.

Professional and Reliable Double Glazing Installations

If you have been looking for a professional and reliable firm that provides double glazing, look no further than C&W Direct.

As winter is creeping up on us, there is no better time to contact our Sales team and speak to a trained professional about new windows for your home.

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