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Autumnal Conservatories

20 Sep 2021

Here at C&W Direct, we mention using your conservatory all year round quite often. So what does that mean this autumn for your conservatory?

Moving Out Of Summer

In the summer, we use our conservatories to look out across the sunny garden, perhaps as a place of respite from the blazing sun if you have some shaded areas. Or even as an extension of the garden, where you can open the doors to enjoy fresh air, while still being inside. However, as we enter autumn, we start to use the space less and less for this. We think that autumn is when we should use the conservatory more and more. So why not make subtle changes to make it more inviting.

Autumnal Changes

Checking your conservatory with the seasons can be as small as changing some of the accessories. In the summer we see more bright colours, flowers and overall summer features. As we enter autumn, look to swap these elements for more burnt orange, reds and deep warm colours. Think about the colours of your cushions, maybe add a corresponding throw. Consider swapping out your flowers for candles to help give you a warming ombre.

Is Your Conservatory Autumn Ready

Autumn may bring us a spectacular colour palette, but it also brings with it cooler temperatures and the start of dark and cold nights. So is your conservatory autumn ready?
There are a number of checks that you can make to see if you have the odd draught here and there. Firstly, you can take a candle and slowly move it around the edges of your windows and doors. The flickering of the flame will tell you where you may have a draught.
If the weather outside isn’t that breezy, you might find the candle may not work at the moment. Try using a light powder, such as talc, and sprinkle this on your window sills. The movement of this throughout the day or night can again indicate a draught.
If you have found a draught, it may not mean that you need to make any replacements just yet. Speak to our team today to discuss your options.

New Conservatories In Time For Winter

Sometimes, it may just be time to wave goodbye to your old conservatory. Whether it has seen out its lifespan, or things are simply starting to deteriorate. Why not make it a Christmas present for your home?
Conservatories can be designed to perfectly suit and fit your home, thanks to the use of CAD. so when it comes to finding the right conservatory for your home, you can take elements from Edwardian, Victorian and even Gable to make the perfect style just for you. So if you are looking to have yours ready to use as your Christmas dinner dining space, get in touch with the team today to ensure we have enough time to get your space in place!

For more information, please get in touch with a member of our team today who will be happy to discuss this with you.

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