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Why are Bi-Fold Doors Better than Sliding Doors?

26 Apr 2020

Both bi-fold and sliding doors are popular products for architects, designers and homeowners alike.

C&W Direct offers a range of bi-fold doors which can completely open and immediately connect your interior and exterior living spaces.

Sliding Doors Explained

Sliding doors do not swing out into the garden or into the house and generally have slimmer sightlines. They also allow for bigger panels which means more glass and less frame but cannot create a 90% clear opening that bi-folds can.

This is a frequent conversation we have with our customers, and we always encourage people to visit our showroom to get a better idea of our products first-hand.

Choosing between both of these types of external doors ultimately comes to your personal taste and the requirements for your home.

How Secure are Bi-Folds?

Bi-fold doors from C&W Direct come equipped with a multi-point lock on the master door and steel locking rods within the intermediate panels. All the gearing is concealed within the doors plus we use high-security 3-star diamond rated BSI security cylinders.

If security is a particular concern to you, we recommend glazing the door with laminated glass as this is the police’s preferred specification for preventing crime.

How Often Should Bi-Folds be Opened?

It is a common misconception that bi-folds are opened just a few days of the year when the temperature is above 20 degrees. If the weather is pleasant and not windy, bi-folds can be fully opened, letting you enjoy a leisurely breakfast or morning coffee. This extends into the evenings too, especially if you are considering having friends over.
You should make a habit of opening and enjoying your new doors and feel the benefits of an al-fresco lifestyle between February and October every year.

Talk to C&W Direct about Bi-Fold Doors

If you are looking to add new external doors to your property, get in touch with C&W Direct today.

We offer bi-fold, composite, french, patio and uPVC doors for any style of property.

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