Reasons to Choose Canopies from C&W Direct

04 May 2020

While C&W Direct is renowned for our conservatories and windows, we are also the leading supplier and installer of canopies across Stafford.

A canopy is a popular installation for schools and colleges. It gives pupils the ability to play and even learn outdoors in a safe and controlled environment.

This shelter structure also stops the rain and wind, meaning your pupils can play outdoors in any weather. Our canopies also block up to 99% of harmful UV rays, meaning it is safe to be outside even when the sun has got his hat on.

Your canopy can help to create boundaries for children so that they know to stay within a designated area. This will help teachers to keep children together in groups or stop them from wandering off.

The Advantages of Using Canopies in Schools

Here are seven advantages of having a canopy installed by our team of specialists –

1. Interactive Lessons – As we have mentioned previously, a canopy gives you the opportunity to teach outdoors and have more fun-filled lessons. Giving pupils easy access to the outdoors will encourage them to play and exercise outdoors too.

2. Cost-Effective Extension – Investing in a canopy gives you more usable space, allowing your pupils to go outside no matter the weather all year round.

3. Keep Classrooms Cool – Having a canopy reduces the use of air conditioning which helps to save energy and reduce your carbon footprint. This makes for a more comfortable learning environment for your pupils. Reducing the glare on screens will allow easier use of computers and tablets. Your furnishing can also be protected from bleaching by the sun.

4. Extra Storage Option – With the addition of roller shutters you could also create another storage space for outside furniture and play equipment. This will save you time bringing these items indoors at the end of each school day.

5. Sheltered Waiting Areas – Whether used for parents waiting to pick up their children or giving pupils a space to wait for school buses and parents, a canopy can become a designated waiting area too.

6. An Attractive Feature – A canopy from C&W Direct will improve the external look of your school, which will impress the parents of prospective pupils. We offer bespoke canopy designs and a wide range of colour options. This can match your school’s branding and established colour scheme.

7. Dry Walkways – Canopies can provide covered walkways between buildings for staff and pupils to walk to and from lessons. Walkways help to reduce accidents amongst pupils as they will not be tempted to run between buildings in the rain.

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We also provide high-quality carports and verandas, that can also be utilised in domestic and commercial settings.

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