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Preventing Condensation on Windows

18 Nov 2019

Going into the Winter months we like to keep our homes warm with central heating as the temperature outside drops. People spending more time living indoors leads to increased moisture in the air. This is through breathing, cooking, bathing and drying washing. Todays windows and conservatories are good at retaining warmth, but both can be slightly cooler than the main rooms of a house. Once the warm air hits the glazing it can form condensation. If left unchecked this has the potential to cause problems, such as damp and mould. It is easy to avoid these problems by following a few care tips. 

Stopping Condensation in Your Home

Ventilation is key to preventing problems with condensation in a home. Managing the air flow will allow warm moisture laden air to escape. So opening windows regularly, even during winter, will help with this. The main problem areas for generating moisture is the kitchen and the bathroom. When cooking keep the door closed to other rooms your home. The same when using the bathroom. If you do not have an extractor fan in these rooms, then keeping on top of the ventilation is even more important. If condensation does appear make sure that you wipe it away as soon as possible. Try to keep your home at a consistent temperature to avoid the sharp drop which causes moisture to condense.

Achieve Condensation Free Windows and Conservatories

Single glazing, poor quality double glazing, or badly installed conservatories can all lead to condensation being a problem. The panes in single glazing and old, or poor quality double glazing, are often much colder. Making condensation and its after effects more likely. Here at C&W Direct we are have a range of high quality windows and conservatories and a proven record in the very best professional installation. Do you need a replacement? Contact us today to find out more about our products and services.

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