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Keeping Conservatories Warm this Winter

19 Oct 2020

When the weather starts to turn, conservatories can often get neglected but there is plenty of opportunities to use them whilst keeping the cold locked out.

C&W Direct are the leading provider of the Edwardian, Gable and Victorian conservatory, and we have put together some handy tips to ensure you stay warm this winter.

7 Ways to Keep Conservatories Warm

1. Quality Glazing – High-quality glazing will help to maintain warm temperatures in your conservatory during the winter. C&W Direct would recommend specifying double or triple glazing when you are getting a quote for this type of extension.

2. Reduce Draughts – Draughts can be hugely annoying and will affect how much you enjoy your conservatory. Making sure all of your windows and doors have draught-proofing will help to ensure it stays warm in your conservatory.

3. Consider Blinds, Drapes and Throws – Investing in blinds or drapes will help you to retain heat. This will minimise draughts as they can be opened on sunnier winter days to make the most of the available heat and when closed your radiators will continue to heat the room.

It may also be worth using throws and blankets on furniture to take the cold edge off these surfaces, especially chairs and sofas.

4. A Change of Flooring? – If you have money put aside you could also opt for underfloor heating that will insulate the living space. Although you do not lose much heat through the floor, just walking on a cold surface in your conservatory will contribute to a more uncomfortable feeling underfoot.

If you are working to a budget, look at a deep-pile carpet or a large rug will go a long way to adding a feeling of warmth.

5. Roof Insulation – Roof insulation for your conservatory is an expensive job, especially if you are replacing an existing roof. It will, however, improve its insulation efficiency and reduce heating bills if you use insulated glass or tiles.

6. Electric Heating – Connecting your conservatory to an existing central heating system can be tricky as you will need to ask for planning permission. One alternative is to install electric radiators instead, as they convert all of the energy they use into heat. This makes them efficient and helps to maintain a comfortable temperature without breaking the bank.

7. Use Heating Efficiently – If you have a standard radiator based in your conservatory, the heat will rise vertically and most will be lost through the glass without actually heating your room. This is why it makes more sense to turn the heating on, as and when you need it. Any other way is wasting energy that will result in higher bills and a larger carbon footprint.

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