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Do You Need A Car Port This Winter?

21 Jan 2022

From those who clean their cars at the crack of dawn every Saturday to those who just see their car as a means to an end, the car really is an indispensable tool for many people. For many, it is their only means of transport. So, with that said, why would you want your car exposed to the harsh elements this winter?

Traditionally, the answer to this question would be a garage. However, this is not the only piece of home improvement that you can do to protect your car. Another fantastic option is a car port – an semi-exposed covering which protects your car from the elements. 

Garage Or Carport?

Previously, many people used to use their garages to store cars. However, as cars are getting bigger, and fewer houses are being built with garages, many people are starting to leave their cars without cover. However, if you’re thinking that a car port would only be useful during the winter, you’d be mistaken. 

Not only would a car port protect your car from winter weather, it would also protect it from UV rays and extreme heat during the summer months – which can take a serious toll on your vehicle. And while garages provide a level of cover, their nature as enclosed spaces means that it’s very easy for pests and other intrusive elements to make the garage their home – leading to infestation. In comparison, a car port is open air, meaning intrusive creatures would find the space far less inviting. 

Furthermore, a car port will take up much less space than a standard garage, not to mention cost a fraction of the price to install. As well as this, installing a car port over a traditional garage means that you really have the option to make it your own if you want to. For example, you could have your car port painted to match your home or you could choose to have plants and flowers sprawl up the exterior of the car port.

Car ports From C&W Direct

Here at C&W Direct, we work closely with the team over at Canoports to provide our customers with high quality Car Ports, Verandas, and Canopies. As well as Car Ports, C&W offers a range of products, including Windows, Orangeries, and Victoria Conservatories in Stafford, Telford, Lichfield and the rest of the Midlands. 

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