Edwardian Conservatory in Stafford

Finding The Right Conservatory For You

02 Feb 2022

Finding the right conservatory for you depends on a wide range of variables, including the size of your home and what kinds of things you plan on doing in there. In this newest article from Conservatories & Windows Direct, we’ll be giving you a brief overview of the various types from our range of conservatories. 


The Edwardian conservatory is the one that best resembles a traditional room in your home. The square fronted corners of the Edwardian means that it maximises the available space – making it an excellent space for a secondary bedroom, a dining room, or even as a sitting room. Because they are primarily built using bricks, it’s easy to keep them warm in the winter and cool in the summer. 

While the Edwardian is a classy addition to any home, they are not perfect for every customer. If you’re looking for a conservatory which maximises the light, you may want to look below for another option. 


The traditional Victorian Conservatory is, as our own website describes it, an elegant design. Featuring large glass windows, these conservatories offer an increase on the amount of light in comparison to the Edwardian. This makes it an excellent option for the customer looking for the ideal summer conservatory – somewhere to catch as much sun as possible. However, the Victorian’s lack of size in comparison to the Edwardian makes it less than ideal for the customer looking for the conservatory that also doubles as a large family room. 


Combining the size and right angles of the Edwardian with the glass facade of the Victorian, this conservatory combines the best of both worlds. Like the Edwardian, it makes extremely good use of space – making it ideal for people wishing to use it as extended living space. However, the Gable’s size and large glass facade make it expensive to heat in winter. 

Lean To

The Lean To Conservatory, also known as the sunroom, features clean, smooth lines and a gentle sloped roof – making it ideal for bungalows and other minimalist homes. The amount of light makes it a great addition to any home whose owners are looking for a great summer conservatory. 


With a combination conservatory from Conservatories and Windows Direct, you can make a bespoke conservatory based on your own needs and designs. This means you can make the conservatory you want, without having to compromise on your wants and needs. 

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