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Five Ways a Veranda Can Transform Your Home

06 Jun 2020

Having a veranda from C&W Direct constructed on the front, side or rear part of your property provides you with a shelter or a sun trap.

For our latest post, we are going to share five ways that a veranda will transform your home.

Different Types of Veranda Explained

It is quite rare to find two verandas that look identical because they are constructed to suit the customers’ unique requirements. Having said this, there are two main types of verandas, as follows –

Traditional/Victoria Veranda – Constructed with wrought iron, this type of veranda tends to have a roof that contains glass panels and columns with quarter arches at the top.

Contemporary Veranda – The best choice for a modern property, these durable and sleek aluminium structures can have either glass or polycarbonate roof panels.

What is the Purpose of a Veranda?

A Veranda can serve a variety of purposes, depending on the reasons and place they are installed. The main reason is to provide an outdoor shelter where you can enjoy your garden, regardless of the weather. They can also enhance the look of your property plus you can choose a design that best suits your home and its pre-established aesthetic.

Reasons to Choose a Veranda

There are a variety of benefits to installing a veranda and we have listed five below –

Another Living Room – Adding another room to your home is always a bonus, especially for growing families. Whether you choose to just have this space as a children’s play area or as a dining area; the choice is yours. You could also utilise your veranda as a storage space and have the peace of mind knowing your items are safe from the rain.

Entertainment – A veranda can provide an essential area for hosting social events and bridge the gap between your indoor and outdoor living space. This can be a shelter on scorching hot days and protection during breezy days plus space for your kids to play.

Add Value – Adding an exterior extension will help increase the value of your property. It also improves the aesthetics of your house and doubles up as another room.

Aesthetic Appeal – A home with a veranda is pleasing to look at and adds charm and feeling of completeness. Our verandas come in different styles but any of our range will greatly enhance your aesthetic appeal.

A Getaway Space – Sometimes it is great to have a place where you can reflect and maybe do your work away from the family. A veranda will also serve as a storage space for items such as bicycles and toys too.

Want to Know More? Speak To Us Now

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We offer Ultraframe verandas in a variety of colours, including, black, white, brown, cream, green and grey.

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