French doors which open out on a patio

French Doors vs Patio Doors

03 Feb 2021

French doors and patio doors are extremely similar. They are both wide, long doors constructed with large panes of glass- perfect for facing out to your back garden! 

But what is the difference between French doors and patio doors, and which is the correct choice for your property? When pondering this question there are two main factors to consider. 


How do you want the doors to open?

French doors traditionally open outwards, unless you have them specially installed to open inwards, while patio doors instead slide open. 

This is an important consideration in the style of door that you choose. You’ll need to consider the nature of the area in which your new doors will go, if there’s any obstructions that could stop the doors opening outward, or inward, fully- then sliding patio doors will probably be a better option than French doors. 

Additionally, if the area where your doors will go is particularly windy, there’s a risk that French doors will catch in the wind, and could slam shut, this is not only annoying, it can actually damage your doors too! Sliding patio doors on the other hand are not affected by strong gusts of wind!


How important is the view? 

Sliding patio doors have a static frame, and will often only open halfway into the frame, while French doors swing completely open on both sides, and consequently, patio doors tend to slightly obstruct the view through them. 

With this in mind, if you want to use your doors to take advantage of a beautiful view from your home, or so that you can admire your garden while you read, or have a morning cup of coffee indoors, then French doors will probably be the better option for your home. 


Whether you choose French doors or patio doors, when you choose Conservatories and Windows Direct you’ll be joining hundreds of happy customers across the midlands who have already benefited from our extensive experience within the home improvement industry. 


If you’re considering installing a French door or patio door in your home, feel free to contact us, and speak to a member of our expert team to discuss your requirements. 

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