Conservatory Plants

Grow Plants in Your Conservatory

14 Oct 2019

The conservatory was originally intended as a space to grow plants. Historically, this would have been exotic fruits and plants brought to these shores from traders and explorers for the wealthy as status symbols. They also provided kitchens with herbs and produce with a stable, well lit and sheltered environment to grow herbs and fruit and vegetables.

Today a conservatory has become a place to sit and enjoy looking out at your plants and garden space. But adding plants and herbs into this space can reap many benefits. The Royal Horticultural Society has acknowledged that indoor plants improve our psychological well being and improve air quality by trapping pollutants.

Make your Conservatory a Green Room

Which plants you grow is entirely up to you. Influencing factors will be the size of your conservatory, its temperature (heated or unheated), and how much time you have available to care for them. Generally, your conservatory is a micro climate which can be controlled by additional heating or blinds.

The main rule is to choose houseplants which prefer bright sunlight such as cacti, succulents, African violets, Aloe vera, or begonias.

Shrubs and climbers will provide a structural form but can take over a space if left unchecked. Bougainvillea provides an explosion of South American colour.

Herbs which would usually be grown on a sunny kitchen windowsill also transfer well to a conservatory environment. If space is at a premium, choose varieties that don’t grow tall or wide. Chives, basil, lavender, parsley, mint, rosemary and thyme are all good examples. You’ll also get a wonderful scent.

You could choose collections from a specific era or location. The Victorians were famed plant hunters and kept ferns and palms in their conservatories. Or citrus fruits like lemons and oranges (hence Orangery) are also options.

Find the Right Conservatory with C&W Direct

If you are considering a conservatory as an addition to your home and a space to relax and fill with plants. C&W Direct is the premier conservatory company in Stafford. Our experts can advise you on the best option for your available space, property type and budget. Please contact us today for a quote.

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