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How Energy Efficient Are Composite Doors?

06 Jun 2022

With the recent rise in living costs, as well as the general shift towards energy efficiency, more and more people are thinking about their home’s energy efficiency. People are looking into exchanging their old and trusty windows for high quality double glazing and their existing doors for energy efficient alternatives.

What Is Energy Efficiency?

Energy efficiency is the ability of a material to retain energy – particularly heat. As a result, an item with a high energy efficiency stays warmer longer than an item with a lower energy efficiency. 

Energy efficiency is important in regards to front and patio doors because doors with a high level of thermal efficiency ensure that everything behind those doors stays warmer for longer and that it is less strenuous to heat those things in the first place. Energy efficiency has transformed the building trade, leading to developments such as uPVC windows and doors. 

Composite Doors  

One such example of a modern energy efficient alternative to traditional doors is composite doors. Composite doors, as their name suggests, are doors built using a composite of different materials – including wood, plastic and glass. This combination of materials ensures a strong and highly energy efficient design, one which doesn’t allow much (if any) energy leakage 

As you can imagine, the energy efficient properties  of composite doors are entirely due to their composite nature. Because composite doors are made from several different materials which connect together, they are typically denser than single-piece doors. Furthermore, their design and construction means that they fit into position better than single piece doors. 

As a result of a combination of well-thought out design and excellent materials, composite doors provide an excellent level of energy efficiency. 

Composite Doors From C&W Direct 

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