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Keeping Your Conservatory Cool This Summer

20 May 2021

The age-old problem with conservatories is that they are too cold in the winter and too hot in the summer. So what can you do this summer to make it a more comfortable place to sit and enjoy.


The First and most common trick to cooling down the space is to invest in some blinds. Ideally, this will include blinds on the roof panels too as this will be the main source of the suns rays.
Blinds are a great way of blocking direct sunlight and reducing the impact of the heat that the sun produces through the windows. However, this will only be so effective if you have the blinds closed while the sun hits the window. So you may wish to use this method in conjunction with other alternatives.

Airconditioning And Fans

While fans have been a firm favourite for many years, we know that in the height of summer they may not be as effective as we would like, and push around the warm air. However, they can be great and cheaper alternatives during the build-up to summer and the other side of the heat, and indeed in the evenings. To make them a little more effective during the day, you can place a tray of ice in front of them so that they push the cooling air, or keep them in front of an open door or window to pull in the cooler air.
The better, but slightly more costly alternative is to invest in air conditioning. You can look into this being built in (please remember this can be expensive and will require regular servicing) or you can make the most of a self-contained air conditioning unit. The great benefit to the self-contained units is that they can be moved around (or even room to room) as required. If you have ample storage, they can also be hidden away when not in use.

Soft And Light Furnishings

The furnishing that you have in your conservatory can have a big impact on the heat of the room. Ensuring that you have lighter furnishing in the room will help to naturally keep it cooler. Lighter colours will reflect the heat, rather than absorbing it.
Avoid leather chairs and these will be too hot to sit on at certain times of the summer.
Flooring can sometimes be an issue as some will also get too hot in the summer. For most people, carpet isn’t an option, so look into investing in a thinner, light coloured rug to reduce the suns impact. This is a great idea if you have young children who may have bare skin exposed that can touch the floor.

New Conservatories From C&W Direct

Here at C&W Direct, we understand the importance of being able to use your space all year round. With this in mind, when it comes to installing new conservatories, we use Optitherm A-rated windows and Guardian Warm Roofs.
Optitherm A-rated windows are high-quality, energy-efficient windows, which help to reduce your heating energy by up to 20% in the winter, and the risk of condensation by up to 80%.
Guardian Warm Roofs have been designed using modern technology to stabilise the temperature of the room below. This means that in summer, it reduces that greenhouse feeling and allows you to use the space comfortably.
So if it’s time to upgrade your conservatory, get in touch with our team today, who will be happy to discuss this with you.

For more information on conservatories from C&W Direct, please get in touch with our friendly team who will be happy to answer your questions and get you booked in for a quote. You can also head over to our blogs for a range of ideas and information.

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