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Make the most out of your extra space

25 Sep 2020

Whether you have a stylish Victorian conservatory, a simple lean to or an eye-catching Loggia orangery, your extra space might leave you wondering how to make the most of it.
While many of us could certainly fill the space straight away with a world of items, you might be looking to use the space as an extra room, so what is it an ideal space for?

Dining room

One of the more common uses of a garden room is to transform the space into a dining room. The openness of the space allows you to enjoy al-fresco style dining, whilst benefiting from all the comforts of eating indoors (ie, no bugs, no rain and no wind). Using this bright open space when entertaining guests certainly makes it a talking point.

Sitting room

While granted yes, most homes do already have a sitting room, some may even have two, there is a relaxing difference to using your garden room as a sitting room. It can perhaps give other members of the household an alternative space to sit (especially if there’s a remote battle).
Turning this space into a sitting room can give you a space away from the rest of the home, to sit and relax and escape the family.

Play room

For those with multiple children (or maybe even just one!) this idea might come as a wave of genius. If you find yourself collecting toys from around the house, stepping on lego as you go, or tripping over the doll who fell from her buggy. Well, why not turn the extension of your home into a child friendly space. Whether you change your tiled or laminate flooring for something a little softer, or you lay some coloured foam floor tiles over the top, the kids will love this light airy space. Many garden rooms will have sufficient space for multiple types of storage, with plenty of floor space for all those toys. Having their own space might just mean you get your house back to some form of order!

Home office

With everyone having worked from home for much of 2020, why not create your own little office space. You may not even turn the whole room into your office, perhaps just the corner, or just one side.
One of the downsides to offices, is you tend to feel closed in, whereas turning part of your garden room into an office makes you feel like you’re still enjoying the great outdoors whilst cracking on with that all important work. If you work on computers, make sure you choose a space that has very little glare on your screen, as this can make it very difficult to see while working.

Whatever you decide to use your space for, the great thing about garden rooms is how versatile they are. If you need to put blinds up to increase the use of your space there are many options for this. If you want to move away from the traditional hard floor, such as tiles, you can easily opt for carpet, giving you a softer feel under foot. And no matter what you use the space for, you can always open the door and extend the space into the garden, giving you even more room.

If you’re looking for an upgrade to your space, or perhaps your windows are past their best get in touch with a member of our expert team to see how we can make your space the best it can be.

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