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Orangery VS Extension: Which is Best For You?

06 Aug 2022

Making the decision to extend your home isn’t one to take lightly. Not only does it require considerable monetary investment, but it also requires a considerable investment of your time. But it is a good investment. Not only will having a larger living space increase your current living standard, but it will also increase the value of your home in the long run. But just how should you expand your living space?

You have a lot of options. If you’re looking for a general sunroom, you could consider looking into either an Edwardian or Victorian Conservatory. But if you’re looking to add an external dining room (or any kind of room) you could look at having a traditional external extension or orangery added to your home. But what’s the difference between the two?

In this latest blog post from C&W Direct, we’ll be going through them. 

What’s the Difference Between Extension and Orangery?

Orangeries and extensions look similar – far more similar than orangeries and conservatories do. So getting the two mixed up is understandable. But there are some considerable differences.


The key difference between orangeries and extensions lies in their roofs. Extension roofs are traditionally flat and tiled. In contrast, orangeries have glazed roofs – which can be double glazing or even use triple glaze glass.

Planning Permission

The next key difference between orangeries and extensions is the level of planning permission required. Orangeries are traditionally classified as Development Right – meaning that planning permission isn’t normally required. You have the ‘right’ to develop them. 

Extensions, on the other hand, almost always require planning permission. This means that you have to send out a planning application before work can commence. Whilst this may seem a wee bit odd, it’s important to remember that orangeries are rarely hooked up to gas lines or water. Extensions, meanwhile, could be used to house a downstairs bathroom or kitchen. As a result, greater care needs to be taken. 

Please note that the specific rules for extension vary from one local authority to another. Always check with yours before starting any building project.


For size-to-size comparison, an orangery will generally be cheaper than an extension. The reason for this is due to the roofing material. Tile is much more expensive than glass (even double glazing), which raises the cost of the installation — possibly considerably. There are certain orangery designs which are more expensive than extensions; however, generally speaking, orangeries will be cheaper than extensions.

Which One Is Best?

Ultimately, the question of whether an extension or an orangery is best is one that could only be answered by you.

For our money, the choice is clear. Orangeries are simply cheaper than extensions. This means that you get a great home extension without having to spend more than you have to. At the same time, orangeries have access to much more natural light — making them a great choice for people who spend most of their time indoors. Finally, orangeries have much less bureaucracy associated with them. These three reasons make orangeries a great choice for anyone looking to extend their home.

These two benefits, combined with the fact that orangeries simply offer more natural light (as a result of their glass roofs), make them the more desirable option.

For a longer discussion about the pros and cons of home extensions versus orangery, please see our earlier news article on the subject.

What Can C&W Direct Do For You?

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