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Replacing Your Windows This Summer

30 May 2021

We might be approaching summer (although some very wet weeks of late would say otherwise), but now is the right time to start replacing your old windows in time for the winter.

Why Replace Windows In Summer?

During the winter months, we usually notice if our windows are letting in a draught, or whether there are leaks starting to appear. This is why we suggest swapping out your old and tired windows in the summer.
During the summer, we (usually) have better weather. This means that we can swap out your windows without the concern of bad weather becoming an issue. It helps us to keep the interior of your home dry, allows any sealants to dry and doesn’t affect your heating bill.

When Do I Need To Replace My Windows?

During your spring clean you may have noticed that your uPVC windows are starting to look a little off coloured, or perhaps you have noticed that the frames are starting to crack. These are both signs that your frames are coming to the end of their life and require replacing (ideally before a bad winter hits). The average lifespan of uPVC widows is around 25 years, with a number of factors contributing to this changing. Increased exposure to UV rays will dry the uPVC and decrease the lifespan, whereas shaded frames will have a greater life expectancy.
If you have noticed that your windows are starting to condense between the panes, this usually means that your seals have started to deteriorate. Unfortunately, while many places claim to reseal windows, this is never a permanent fix and will never be as effective as the original seal. In this instance, if your frames are well within their expected lifespan, you can look at replacement glazing units, alternatively, it may be time to take the plunge and invest in new windows.

Why Stop At Windows?

In the summer we find ourselves opening and closing our patio doors more often than usual. From letting the cool summer breeze in, to venturing outside to soak up some summer sun. So when it comes to replacing your windows on your home, will you stop at the windows, or will you invest in new patio doors to match?
Here at C&W Direct, we offer a range of patio doors to suit any style of home and windows, so why not let us give your house a whole new look and feel.

For more information on new windows for your home this summer, please contact our friendly team today who will be happy to discuss your requirements. Head over to our blogs for a range of ideas on how C&W Direct can help you upgrade your home.

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