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Three Great Reasons to Extend Your Home This Spring

26 Jan 2022

Your home should be your space – a place that you can shape to your needs and desires ,somewhere you can feel comfortable. However, sometimes you might feel that your space has gotten a little too familiar. Maybe you’re tired of  looking at the same four walls. Or maybe there’s just nothing you can do to make your garden look the way you want it to. 

When this feeling comes upon you, you may consider moving – pulling up your boots and finding a new home. But things don’t have to be that drastic. It is possible to improve and make your home new again with just a little bit of home  improvement. 

In this article we’ll be going through three of the great reasons why you should be considering extending your home instead of moving. C&W have supplied high-quality conservatories, orangeries, and windows in Cannock, Stone, Telford, and the rest of Staffordshire.

Make Your Home Your Own

The first reason why you should consider adding a conservatory or extension to your home is because it helps to make your home your space. Unlike the rest of the home – which presumably was built without your input – you can make real decisions on what your conservatory looks like and where to put it on your home. This level of emotional investment really blows new life into a (previously) tired home. 

As a further result of this, you can better make use of the space available to you: move some furniture that was otherwise cluttering up your living space, put the dining table exactly where you want it, extend the living room into a comfortable size.

Avoid Moving

The next reason why you should consider extending your home is because, quite simply, moving is an incredible hassle with considerable expense – which makes it an incredibly impractical solution for all but the most drastic of reasons. 

Not only would you be spending weeks if not months looking for a new home, you will also be spending thousands on additional checks and insurance and assurance policies. Instead, the longest investment in terms of time for your extension is actually the construction process – and even then it’s far quicker than anything to do with the housing market. 

Add Value To Your Home

The final reason why you should  consider adding an extension or conservatory to your house is because it will add considerable value. This means that if in the future you do decide to sell your home, you can do so knowing that you will get a much higher amount simply because of the extension. This, combined with the previously mentioned reasons, makes getting an extension a fantastic idea. 

For Your Extension Needs, Contact C&W Today

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