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Types Of Windows From C&W Direct

20 Jul 2021

We often find that many of our customers are looking to replace their windows like for like. So very little research is put into the styles of windows that are available or alternative styles that will suit your homes. Here are a few of the styles that we offer here at C&W Direct that you might be interested in.

Casement Windows

Casement windows are the most common style of windows found in the UK. Typically this style of window is hinged down the length of one side and opens outwards. This style was the earliest design of hinged windows and remains the most popular today, with good reason.
While the style of frame and glass can be changed, the mechanism behind this style of window works well in the majority of homes. Modern increases in security have also meant that rather than the window opening fully, most can now be locked to a certain distance open. Meaning that your window cannot be pulled open to allow intruders access to your home.

Tilt And Turn

Tilt and turn windows are increasing in popularity with many homeowners thanks to their diverse functionality. Tilt and turn are dual opening. Firstly, they can open on a side hinge, like casement windows, however, they will open inwards. If you are looking for a window that opens slightly less, you can then close the window, and tilt it open, meaning that it then opens from the top and tilts inwards.
This dual functionality has increased in popularity, particularly with landlords. The fully opening window can act as a fire escape, which is required by most landlord insurances.
The tilt opening function has been praised by a number of family charities for the increased level of safety where children are concerned. Once the window is slightly tilted open, it means that it cannot be opened from the side, which would allow children the opportunity to climb out.
As with casement windows, modern security means that whichever way you open the window, you can have the functionality of locking it at a certain point to reduce the risk of intruders.

Sliding Sash Windows

Sliding sash windows are typically seen in period properties. This style of window opens upwards from the base and slides in line with the fixed top section of the window. Modern sash windows are often used on older properties to try and maintain the classic appearance of the building.
Modern advances also mean that the newer fitted windows can be just as energy efficient as other styles. Which older sliding sash windows unfortunately were not. They can also now be fitted with modern security fittings to allow the window to be locked open at a certain point, meaning that intruders cannot force the window open.
This style of window has increased in popularity in many homes as people are beginning to see the beauty of the style. So be prepared to see more of them popping up on houses local to you. Even if they are modern homes!

For more information on the styles of windows that we typically offer, please get in touch with a member of our team today who will be happy to assist you. You can also check back to our blogs for a range of information on our services.

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