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Upgrade Your Doors This Winter

07 Dec 2020

We often discuss the heat that we lose from our homes through old or inappropriately sealed windows. But how often do we discuss the heat that we lose through our old doors? Whether it’s your front door, back door, or even your patio doors, more heat can escape than you realise if your door is a little on the old side, or no longer sits well in it’s frame.

Your old door

If you walk past your external doors and find yourself feeling a bit of a draught, it might be time to think about replacing them and taking control of the warmth within your home.
Over time, old doors can be impacted by a number of factors, making them less efficient than they were, once upon a time. Older wooden doors that are untreated can swell and shrink with the changes in weather, which may lead them to split and show some serious signs of ageing. While older uPVC doors may show signs of deterioration and discolouration that modern technology prevents in newer models. Whatever the cause, know that we are here to help you take a stand against the cold this winter.

Which front door is right for you?

With the introduction of modern technology, there has been an increase in the number of styles of front door that are now available for your home. Here at C&W Direct, we offer the very best doors we can for both security and value, that’s why we offer both uPVC and Composite doors.
uPVC doors are now widely known, and many homes now have this type of door. Its popularity doesn’t come without good reason. These doors are designed to ensure that they offer the best security possible, with a core that makes them difficult to break through, and an integrated locking system that allows you to secure your door for its full length, rather than just where the key is.
Composite doors are swiftly taking over as being the most popular door across the UK. This might be due to the availability of colours and designs for this type of door. Composite doors can be manufactured specifically to your requirements. From the exact dimensions of your door, to the perfect colour to suit your style and home, you have full flexibility.

Patio doors or sliding doors?

It may not be your front or back door that is the main source of draught within your home. Usually, the largest doors in our home are our patio doors, and a small draught from these can make a bit difference to the warmth in a room.
Whether you decide to swap out your doors for a like for like replacement, or you decide that you want to go for a new look or style, we have some options for you. Our standard patio doors offer a sliding opening, this is great if you only want to open half of a larger window, or you have limited space for doors to open to.
French doors can truly transform a space, you can open them out completely to bring the outside in, or even the inside out. Letting the airflow into your home and creating a larger open-plan space.
You can make the biggest difference to your space with the introduction of bi-fold doors. Transform a whole wall (or just a smaller section) into one big window that folds completely to the side, opening your room as much or as little as you like.
Each of these options is A-Rated, offering you the best energy efficiency for your home.

Here at C&W Direct, our showroom is open for you to come and have a look at the quality of all the doors we have to offer. You can also contact a member of our expert team today to discuss your needs and requirements when it comes to your new doors.

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