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uPVC Or Composite Doors

30 Jul 2021

In recent years there has been a debate over whether to invest in composite doors or uPVC doors when it comes to replacing your old ones. As with any debate, there are two sides to the decision. Ultimately, no one can make the choice for you, so we have pulled together some information on each that might help to make the decision easier for you. Or it might make it harder, but at least it will be an informed decision.

Composite Positives

Composite doors are the newest doors on the market. They have been made possible by the advances in modern technology. So what are some of the advantages of this style of door?

  • Increased Security – Composite doors are designed to feature an impenetrable core. Allowing for peace of mind, especially while you are not home.
  • Design Your Own – Composite doors are truly personalisable. This means that you can choose your colour, style, windows and ultimately every feature on your door to suit your home and your own style. Check out our Door Designer.
  • Colour Life – Unlike many types of coloured features on and around your home, composite has its colour throughout the material. It will also not fade in the sun. Meaning that it will keep its colour throughout its lifespan.
  • No Maintenance – Your composite door will need no maintenance throughout its life. Except for maybe the odd spot of oil to the hinges.
  • Long Lifespan – The lifespan of composite doors has been given a conservative 30 years, however, it’s believed to be much longer.

uPVC Positives

uPVC doors have been popular for a number of years now. And with good reason. The simple design has kept homes safe for years. So here’s a few other reasons why they are a great choice.

  • Simple Classic Design – Your door needs to be functional above everything else, so a simple uPVC appearance should be applauded.
  • Economical – You don’t have to spend big money in order for your home to be safe. And that’s exactly what you get from a uPVC door. Lower costs, with equally great security.
  • High-Quality Core – uPVC doors also feature a core that has been designed to increase the security of your home and stop the potential of your door being put through.
  • Low Maintenance – uPVC doors seldom require any maintenance. They do not require regular treatments or painting but occasionally benefit from a bit of TLC to keep the plastic subtle.

Composite Negatives

It wouldn’t be fair to list the positives without the negatives. Or negative. So here is the only negative we could think of for composite doors.

  • Can Be Expensive – This may be due to how new they are to the market, and over the years the cost might drop. However, in the meantime, composite doors can be somewhat expensive initially.

uPVC Negatives

There are a couple more negatives to uPVC than to composite, but you need to consider everything to make the right decision.

  • Cracks In The Sun – The sun can dry out the uPVC and over time this can lead to cracking.
  • Discolouration – Again, over time, uPVC can become discoloured and will eventually start to look yellow.

Making the right decision can sometimes be difficult. If you have considered all of the above and are still unsure, get in touch with a member of our expert team who will be happy to give you some guidance based on your needs. Check out our windows too and treat yourself to the matching set.

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