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Which conservatory is right for me?

22 Aug 2020

With many different styles of conservatories on the market, you may be left wondering which conservatory is right for me and my home. First and foremost the decision will ultimately come down to you as the homeowner. However, there are a couple of things we can suggest to make the decision a little easier for you.

Style of your home

When choosing your conservatory, one of the biggest factors you may take into consideration in the style of your home. If you are living in a Victorian style home (whether original or new build imitation) putting a “lean-to” on the back might look out of place. Similarly, a small modern bungalow would look peculiar with a large gable conservatory on the side.

Available space

When you are considering having a conservatory added to your property, it may be obvious to say that you need to evaluate your available space. Preferably before deciding on your style of conservatory, as you may have some restrictions.
If you have a smaller garden, a large grand combination conservatory would take up a considerable amount of space, potentially leaving you with very little garden. In this case you may also want to consider the view from your conservatory, as anything too big may just give you the view of a fence or hedge. Smaller spaces may want to consider a lean-to, as they can be the smallest option.
Where physical floor space may not be an issue, but height needs to be considered, such as when you are attaching to a bungalow, you may also be limited. For instance gable conservatories have high pitched roofs, meaning that they would not be ideal, however, an Edwardian can be adapted to suit a lower roof.

Personal preference

When you have taken the style of your home, and your available space into consideration, the decision ultimately lies with you. Each style of conservatory has its own merits and there are reasons against them for many types of homes. Here are a few things to consider for each type that we supply:

  • Edwardian – The pitch of the roof and the direction of the ridge can be changed to suit practically any property, the square corners allow for maximum use of the space and makes a great spare room to add to your home.
  • Victorian – classic and elegant design with a sharp angled roof, softened by facets to provide a rounded and styled look. Made to your exact requirements, from the position of the doors to the colour of the frames – inside and out.
  • Lean-to – ideal for bungalows, simplistic look, available in a range of colours and a choice of doors, including French doors, patio doors or the latest bi-folding doors
  • Gable – stunning visual impact both internally and externally, traditionally made to resemble the sun rising (sunburst) with many other designs available, a variant on the popular Edwardian conservatory design
  • Combination conservatories – ideal for tricky sites or for people wanting something different, offer the ultimate in flexibility and choice.

For you to make the most out of your conservatory, a member of our expert team will be on hand for the entire process, helping you to make those choices you aren’t quite sure on. Get in touch today to discuss your options, or take a look at our Orangeries for something a little different.

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