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Which is the Best Choice, Composite or UPVC Doors? 

23 Dec 2020

If you’re thinking of replacing your external doors, you’re probably wondering whether you should choose UPVC  or Composite doors! 

UPVC doors are often the most popular choice, as they tend to come with a slightly lower price tag, however, composite doors can make a fantastic option too, and certainly shouldn’t be overlooked! 

What is UPVC 

UPVC stands for Unplasticised Polyvinyl Chloride, it’s a tough, safe plastic that doesn’t have any additives added during the manufacturing process. UPVC has quickly become a very popular building material for external doors, as it’s highly water resistant and recyclable. 

What is composite 

While a UPVC door is composed purely of plastic, a composite door contains a collection of materials that have been compressed and glued together. The materials in a composite door are each chosen as they have specific benefits, and as a result, composite doors have a high thermal and weather resistance, and are extremely durable and strong.  

Why choose UPVC

UPVC doors tend to be the most cost effective option for external doors, so if you’re working with a tight budget, UPVC is probably the best way to go. UPVC doors are also highly secure, as they are extremely durable and difficult to break, so choosing UPVC will provide the peace of mind that your property is secure. 

UPVC doors are low maintenance, all that’s really required is an occasional wipe down to keep them looking clean and fresh. Finally, UPVC doors are excellent insulators, so they can help to prevent outside noise from entering your home, while preventing heat escaping during the winter months. 

Why choose composite 

Composite doors provide a lot of choice aesthetically, generally UPVC doors tend to look very similar, but with composite doors a range of colours and designs are available, so you can choose a door that compliments the look of your home. 

Composite doors are also more durable than UPVC doors, so while you may end up paying a little bit more for a composite door, it could last up to 30 years under the right conditions! Finally, composite doors are also equally, if not more, secure than UPVC doors, so you can relax knowing your property is safe with a composite door. 

Why not visit our showroom and compare our quality composite and UPVC doors for yourself? Feel free to contact us, and speak to a member of our expert team if you have any queries or particular requirements you would like to discuss. 

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