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Why Is Double Glazing So Effective?

15 Mar 2022

One of the best ways to insulate your home during the winter is to install double glazing. Double glazing, quite simply, is the process wherein a new window is installed in place of the old one.  This new one features a secondary plane of glass, meaning that instead of a single pane of glass protecting you and your home from the elements, you have two. Between these two panes of glass is an air gap. 

Installing double glazing is a quick and effective way of increasing the effectiveness of your home’s heating system, and ultimately making your home far more energy efficient. In this article from Conservatories and Windows Direct, we’ll be going through why double glazing is so effective at keeping your home nice and warm. 

Properties of Double Glazing

In order to understand why double glazing is so efficient, it’s important to understand why a single pane of glass is so inefficient. 

Quite simply, glass – by itself – is one of the worst heat conductors available. This is mostly owing to its atomic structure, which lacks ordered crystal structures. This lack of defined crystalline atomic structure makes it difficult for glass to retain heat for any measure of time – as the thermal energy will be unable to find a simple road to move. 

In contrast, air is a very good conductor of heat – again owing to its atomic structure. With air, thermal energy doesn’t need to travel through crystalline lattices – it just needs to spread from one air molecule  to another. This means that air is an excellent conductor of heat. At the same time, however, it does need to be in contact with hot air for this transfer to work effectively. Without that contact, air is no more an effective conductor for heat than glass is. 

It is this combination that ensures that double glazing works effectively. The two panes of glass act as a stoppage, ensuring that the air within is sealed off. Because of the combination of these two elements, the double glazing design is an extremely efficient one. While the two panes of glass do an effective job by themselves to keep the house warm, the addition of the air pocket ensures that the double glazing functions as a highly effective system.  

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