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4 Common Conservatory Pitfalls to Avoid

10 Apr 2024

When it comes to building a conservatory onto your house, it is one of the best home investments you can make. It adds space, brings in more natural daylight and it perfectly ties your home and garden together. However, you will want to avoid making any mistakes. Many homeowners complete their conservatory projects and discover underlying problems that could have been avoided beforehand. Are you thinking of installing a conservatory this spring or summer? For a smooth-running process, let’s discuss how to avoid 4 common conservatory pitfalls.

1) Failure to Meet Regulations 

The first pitfall homeowners make is assuming they don’t need to apply for planning permission. However, there are certain conditions where it is required. For instance, you will need planning permission if your conservatory:

  • Covers an area greater than 50% of the area covered by your original house
  • Has a roof higher than the highest point of your house’s roof
  • Extends more than 3 metres beyond the wall if it’s an attached property and 4 metres if it’s detached
  • Is positioned at the front of your house and faces a public road or footpath
  • Is positioned at the side of your property and exceeds 4 metres in height 

To find out if you require planning permission, contact your local authorities before any building work begins. Failure to obtain planning permission can result in a breach, leading to a costly fine and dismantling of the whole structure.

2) Poor-Quality Workmanship

Hiring a contractor with poor-quality workmanship is another pitfall to avoid when building a conservatory. Many homeowners opt for a more affordable approach by hiring an unqualified or inexperienced contractor. While it may save you money, it could leave you with a poorly-installed conservatory. Poor-quality workmanship can lead to leaks, draughts and structural problems and cost you more money due to expensive repair costs. Instead of finding the cheapest option, look for an approved and renowned installer like C&W Direct for results you won’t regret. 

3) Unpleasant Temperature

The last thing you want is for it to be too cold or too hot while sitting in your new conservatory. To prevent this, keep in mind what direction your conservatory will be facing. If it is facing the north, you may experience less sunlight and it can feel colder. Underfloor heating and double or triple-glazed windows can retain heat. If your conservatory is facing the south, you can enjoy more sunlight but it can lead to overheating during warm weather. You will need to air the space more often and invest in blinds to keep it cool.

4) Wrong Style or Size

After a conservatory is completed, many homeowners regret the style or size. For instance, homeowners may wish they had chosen a more contemporary style or gone with a bigger size. To avoid this pitfall, make sure you are happy with the conservatory size before work begins. Remember that you are limited in size due to planning permission conditions. To find the right style, it is helpful to look at your home’s style. Do you prefer a traditional look such as a Victorian or Edwardian conservatory? Or is your modern home more suited to a Gable or custom conservatory? 

Get A Free Quotation From C&W Direct 

C&W Direct are a leading installer of stunning and energy-efficient conservatories across Stafford and Cannock. We offer many styles and our team of experienced installers is always on hand to answer any questions you may have and help you avoid the most common pitfalls by advising you throughout the entire process. All conservatories installed by us also come with a standard 15-year guarantee and all locking mechanisms are secure by design (police preferred) to give you peace of mind. 

Our UPVC conservatories and friendly service are backed by our clients, read our testimonials to see for yourself. To view examples of our work, pop into our Cannock showroom, visit our gallery or follow our Facebook page. If you are planning a spring or summer conservatory project, you can request a free quotation from us by simply filling out our form and we will be in touch with you to arrange an appointment.

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