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Are Conservatories Worth It?

12 Feb 2021

We often see potential customers making a decision on whether conservatories are worth it before making a commitment. This is perfectly reasonable given that a conservatory can be a big commitment both financially and spatially.

However, it doesn’t take long for the benefits to prove their worth. In our latest blog, we would like to reach out to those contemplating a conservatory and explain why we believe they’re worth it.

  • Enjoy Some Extra Space
  • Versatility
  • Available All Year Round
  • Reduced Stress
  • Enjoy Some Extra Space

When adding a conservatory to your house, you’re essentially adding another room. If you’re currently clamouring for a little more space, a conservatory can be a much cheaper alternative to moving house. Later on in this article, we’ll also go on to discover the wealth of possibilities that this extra room can hold.

Therefore, if you’re looking to upgrade on space, but not sacrifice the home that you currently live in to achieve it, a conservatory is the way to go.


As promised above, we can’t mention the benefits of conservatories without discussing the versatility that they offer. When they’re first built, you can look at conservatories like a blank canvas, waiting for you to express yourself through them. If you’re looking for a snug, man cave or she shed to unwind and get cosy, look no further. Alternatively, a conservatory can also deliver a more traditional extension of your house in the shape of a dining room or lounge.

The possibilities are endless as they have come a long way since being used to just grow plants. Thanks to Optitherm A rated windows and Guardian Warm Roofs, they’re also available for use all year round.

Available All Year Round

First of all, we need to go ahead with a little mythbusting. Not all conservatories bow down to extreme weather conditions, getting cold in Winter and too hot in the Summer. In fact, it couldn’t be more of an opposite experience for our customers. Here at C & W Direct, we intend to create energy efficient conservatories that keep our customers’ money safe when it comes to their energy bills.

To do this, we use Optitherm A rated windows and Guardian Warm Roofs. The combination of these allows for your conservatory to become an all year round living space. Conservatories with these features are designed to keep cool in the Summer and warm in the Winter. Say goodbye to the days spent worrying about too much heat escaping or not enough leaving.

Reduced Stress

A huge benefit of a conservatory is that there are a number of ways that it can reduce stress and negative feelings.To start with, it’s been proven in studies that letting the outdoors inside can reduce feelings of stress and fatigue. Not only that, but it’s suggested that it also actively boosts your productivity, mood and creativity. The design of a conservatory allows you to feel at one with nature, but also gives you the opportunity to shut off from your surroundings too, if you so wish.

In addition to getting you closer to nature, if your conservatory is used as a man cave, she shed or snug, surrounding yourself with your favourite things can promote good feelings too. Knowing that you have that one room dedicated to yourself where you can just unwind and put your efforts into a hobby is invaluable.

Conservatories In Stafford, Lichfield and Across the Midlands at C & W Direct

Here at C&W Direct, we have been providing people across the Midlands with conservatories in Stafford, Lichfield and Cannock just to name a few. Therefore, if you have any questions, our friendly and experienced team are well equipped to help. Whether it’s for a question, free consultation or advice, contact us and we can help.

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Our customers are at the heart of everything that we do. For that reason, we install energy saving products as standard, to ensure that our customers save money on energy bills for a long time to come. Not only that, but to give our customers the best experience, we offer a fifteen year guarantee regarding the installation, a security guarantee and promise to visit once a year for five years to perform an annual health check.

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