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Opening Your Home Into Your Garden

10 Jun 2021

Summer is the time we are most likely to be wandering between the inside of our home and garden. The sun is shining, there’s a warm gentle breeze and the family are spending more time sitting out on the patio than they are in front of the TV. So why not invest in some new patio doors to give you an even better entrance to your garden?

Sliding Patio Doors

There are two main types of patio doors that your house could have been built with, or that will have already been installed in your home. The first of these is the sliding patio door.
This style of patio door has been around for a while, and with good reason. They offer you the ability to have a large glass section of wall, with one side that slides open, while the other remains. This allows you to still use the space in front of the static window without worry about blocking the door, and still enjoy the vast amount of light it allows.

French Style Patio Doors

French-style patio doors are the other most popular style of door that you may have had fitted in your home. This style of patio door is the most elegant on the market, offering a classy appearance as you enter your garden.
Typically, french style patio doors are made up of two thinner full-length doors which both open, or you can have one open and the other kept shut. It’s a great way to choose how much fresh air (or warm air) you want to release into your home.
This style of door offers an attractive frame to the view of your garden, and typically works great in a dining room.

Bi-Folding Patio Doors

Bi-Fold doors are increasing in popularity across the UK. This style of patio doors allows you to turn almost your whole wall into a window, and then a door. The bi-fold opening allows you to fold back the windows into a compact set up on either side, leaving you with a vast opening into your garden. This style of door/s is great if you have a large open plan room that backs onto your garden. It makes for a great way to remove the divide between the great outdoors and the interior of your home.
Depending on the current structure and layout of your home, you may require some structural work in order to have Bi-Fold doors fitted.

For more information on having new patio doors installed in your home, please get in touch with a member of our friendly team today who will be happy to assist you. Or fill out our form for a free no-obligation quote. Head over to our gallery for a range of images on our previous work.

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