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Prepare For Reopening With Canopies From C&W Direct

19 Apr 2021

Here at C&W Direct, we offer much more than the name alone suggests. In addition to our conservatories, we are also the leading installer of canopies in Stafford. This may interest you if you are in the hospitality industry as restrictions have meant phased reopenings have favoured those with outdoor seating.

In the past, and under the current restrictions, bars, restaurants and pubs have only been able to open their doors for outdoor service. This has seen many pubs and restaurants without adequate shelter holding off their reopening until restrictions are lifted even further. If you are one of these businesses, we can help. Not only that, but even if you have an outdoor area, our canopies can help to make your customers feel more comfortable, safe and warm. In today’s guide, we’ll be explaining the advantages of our canopies for those in the hospitality industry.

Five Ways Canopies Can Help Your Restaurants and Bars

  1. Make Your Customers More Comfortable
  2. Make Your Customers Feel Safer
  3. Reopen Earlier
  4. Improve Your Service
  5. Aesthetically Pleasing

1. Make Your Customers More Comfortable

Let’s face it, if your customers don’t feel comfortable, they’re not going to stay for long. Whilst the weather is great, with the sun beaming down, this shouldn’t be a problem. However, in the UK, the weather is proving to be more and more unpredictable with showers of snow seen in April of this year. By introducing canopies to your restaurant, it protects your customers from such unpredictable weather.

Not only will you be able to protect your customers from any poor weather, but you will also be giving them protection from the wind too, which can often make it seem cooler than it is. This protection also provides shelter for any electronic heaters that you wish to install to keep your guests warm into the night.

2. Make Your Customers Feel Safer

As well as keeping your customers comfortable, we know how seriously you take the safety of your customers. For that reason, we take that into consideration when designing our canopies. It’s not just the cold weather that your customers need protecting from as the Sun can also have negative effects if you are exposed without protection.

In order to protect your customers from the Sun, our canopies block up to 99% of harmful UV rays. Therefore, your customers can sit in your venue without having to worry about getting burnt.

3. Reopen Earlier

One of the biggest driving forces into adding a canopy may be to be able to open your venue earlier. With times being unpredictable and lockdowns becoming common, you may be hoping to prepare for any future restrictions. If so, our canopies can help you to be ready to house any customers whenever the government grants permission to open.

Once you’ve invested in our canopies, you’ve got them for good too. You’re not just investing for the short term as in the long term, a canopy continues to add value to your customers in all of the aforementioned ways.

4. Keep Food Fresh

One of the biggest downfalls of eating outside can often be that food goes cold quicker. This is exceptionally prevalent when there is no cover available. Cold food can often lead to complaints from your customers and it can feel like there is nothing you can do to avoid it.

However, our canopies provide you with a way of keeping your food fresh. Cutting out any effects from the elements, you won’t have to worry about any rain disrupting people’s meals. Not only that, but the canopies can restrict the wind, the biggest culprit of cooling down your meals. With the addition of heaters, you can create an atmosphere where food stays hot for longer.

5. Add a New Aesthetic

One of the final points that we’ll touch on is the resounding impact that adding a new canopy can have on your venue’s aesthetic. Our service is fully customisable thanks to our in house CAD design team. Therefore, we can work with you to match your existing premises with the right style and design.

With a wide variety of colours and materials available, your guests are sure to be blown away by the addition.


If the above mentioned factors could help your business, please contact us. Our team can offer you a free no-obligation quote for those across the Midlands. As a part of your free quotation, our team will visit your premises, provide advice and answer any questions that you may have. For our canopies, carports and verandas, we simply cannot be beaten on quality or price.

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