Replacing Double Glazed Windows

Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Double Glazed Windows

12 Dec 2023

Replacing your double-glazed windows is something you may not think about doing for a very long time. While double glazing has an impressive lifespan of 20 to 30 years, this can be cut short for various reasons. Are your old double-glazed windows in need of a replacement? In this article, we will look at the most common signs that indicate it’s time to replace them.  

Visible Damage

The most obvious sign that your double-glazed window needs to be replaced is if there is visible damage such as broken glass, cracks, chips or a cracked or warped window frame. These can happen for a few reasons such as vandalism or thermal shock. Once visible damage has occurred, it needs to be replaced, or else more issues will follow which we will discuss later on.


If you notice condensation or fog build-up on your window, this is one of the first signs homeowners generally notice, beside visible damage. Condensation forms when the cold air from outside meets with the warm air from inside your home, causing water vapour to appear in between the window panes. It may appear completely harmless, however, it indicates a seal has broken and this weakens its insulating properties. The best way to fix a broken seal is by replacing the window.


If visible damage or condensation is left unnoticed, it allows cold air to enter your home through the broken seal or crack without you knowing about it, causing an unpleasant draught in the room. The best way to tell if a window has a draught is by running your hand along the window frame to see if there is air movement. Make sure the window is fully closed before doing so. If you can feel any air on your hand, a draught is likely to be present. To get rid of a cold draught, you will need to replace the double-glazed window to regulate the energy efficiency of your home.

Water Leaks

A nasty cold draught isn’t the only issue to occur from a broken seal or a cracked window, a water leak can form in a similar way by allowing moisture to pass through. Double-glazed windows are designed to protect your home from the weather, so if one has a water leak, it is not performing its job anymore. A water leak can appear as a dampness around the window frame or moisture build-up on the window sill. In serious cases, water can seep through nearby walls, causing paint to peel or bubble and mould to grow. 

Rising Energy Bills

When an unnoticed draught is present in the home, heating is often raised in temperature or left on a little longer than usual, causing a rise in energy bills. If you have found your energy bills have increased significantly over time, this is a sign to check your double-glazed windows for condensation or visible damage. Due to the prediction of energy and gas prices to slightly increase in January 2024, maintaining the energy efficiency of your home is more important than ever.

Double Glazing Window Replacement in Cannock

If you have noticed any of the above signs, it’s time to get in touch with C&W Direct. We’re a leading supplier and installer of double-glazed windows, conservatories and doors in Cannock, Stafford and the surrounding areas. Our range of A-rated Optitherm windows are both aesthetically pleasing and energy efficient. When you book a double-glazed window replacement with us, you will receive a 15-year guarantee, plus a 5-year annual health check. 

To see what our fitted windows look like, visit our gallery. For a free window replacement quotation, please submit a quotation form. Otherwise, if you wish to speak to our team directly, make an online enquiry or call us on 0154 350 0530. We look forward to hearing from you, replacing your old or damaged double-glazed windows and improving the energy efficiency of your home.

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