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Five Unique Uses For Conservatories

08 Feb 2021

Here at C&W Direct, we’ve supplied conservatories in Stafford, Lichfield and Cannock, just to name a few popular locations. Whilst we’ve gained so much experience, we’re still always blown away by the amount of uses that our customers find for their new room in the house.

A popular question that we see come up from potential customers is “what can I use a conservatory for?” The answer is that a conservatory can be anything that you want it to be. To help explain what we mean, we’ve put together this guide of our five favourite uses for a conservatory.

What Can I Use a Conservatory For?

In our experience with conservatories, we’ve seen people use their new room for an array of different purposes. Often, it can be used to embrace something close to their personality such as a music room, or man cave. Others sometimes opt for a more traditional extension of their existing space and use it as a dining room or lounge.

There are no right or wrong ways to use a conservatory but we thought that we would share a few of our favourites. Who knows? Maybe it’ll help to inspire you.

Play Room

If you’ve got younger children or a little one on the way you can often be left clamouring for more space. If you’ve considered or are considering a new conservatory, using it as a playroom could transform the dynamic of your house.

Having a dedicated space for your little ones to play with their toys means less mess across the rest of the house. Not only that, but what better way to play than surrounded by nature, in your brand new room.

Man Cave or She Shed

We’ve all dreamt of having that one room in the house dedicated to all of our favourite things. Imagine having the perfect escape to just chill out and wind down after a long day. That’s what a man cave or the increasingly popular she shed can give you. Even the terms man cave and she shed can be quite vague.

The point behind them is to personalise the room to your tastes and interests. Therefore, you can add a bar for hosting, a big TV for films and sports nights, pool tables, video game consoles, artwork, instruments, books and more. Whether you want to create a cosy snug to go and pamper yourself or you want a room full of your favourite things to do, a man cave, she shed or combination of the two can be a fantastic addition to any home.

Dining Room

A lot of houses may not have the capacity for a dining room. Alternatively, people may have a kitchen diner or just eat elsewhere in the house. However, there is research to suggest that bringing a family together to eat at designated times is good for everyone involved. According to this research, the following benefits can be reaped:

  • Families who eat together are twice as likely to eat their five a day
  • Kids who eat as a family tend to be less fussy eaters
  • Family meals build better relationships and build a sense of belonging which raises self esteem
  • Family meals offer parents the chance to be role models and set standards for table manners and healthy eating
  • Talking promotes slower eating which results in people eating less. This can help battle obesity

With all of this in mind, if you’re considering investing in a conservatory, a dining room could not only transform your space, but also your life.

Home Gym

With gyms currently being closed due to the pandemic, more and more people have been getting active at home. However, are you sick of doing your HIIT workout in a cramped space with people coming in and out all the time? Give yourself a dedicated space to go and work out. Not only will it be good to have more space, but you’re likely to get a better workout too. After all, knowing that there are no interruptions or obstacles will allow you to get into and stay in the zone.

Also, in a similar way that going to the gym gets people into the frame of mind to workout, having that dedicated space can also offer motivation. It separates your workouts from everything else in your house, meaning that it’ll be easier to get into the frame of mind to workout. Depending on the size of the conservatory, you may also be able to kit it out with professional equipment without it feeling too tight.

Green Room

The conservatory was originally intended as a space to grow plants. Therefore, it’s always worth considering this as an option. Although historically this would’ve been for exotic plants brought over from other countries, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t embrace the same attitude. Even if you don’t necessarily dedicate the room to growing plants, their presence alone can often bring benefits.

For example, research suggests that bringing the outdoors inside can help to boost your mood, productivity and creativity. It is also suggested that it can reduce negative feelings of stress, fatigue and even the symptoms of some mild illnesses such as the common cold. That’s more than enough reason for us. For more information on how to do this, check out our guide on how to grow plants in your conservatory.

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Now that you’ve seen what’s possible, you may be interested in taking the next step and contacting someone for a consultation. C&W Direct can help. Our team have been supplying and installing high quality, energy efficient PVCU conservatories for many years. Therefore, we’re well equipped to take on your project and work with you to make sure that you get your dream space.

Here at C & W Direct, we have our customers’ needs at the heart of what we do. That’s why we only install energy saving products as standard. That way, you won’t just benefit now, but you’ll also save money throughout the future.

Customisation is also available with all of our products, as they come in a variety of styles and colours to suit every taste. Not only that, but we recognise the importance of security which is why we offer a fifteen year guarantee on the installation, a security guarantee and an annual health check every five years. Added protection is also available with the Consumer Protection Association.

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